My first time hearing the name Sara Todisco was when reading about her in a newspaper article during her first year on Council. A couple citizens made comments about her age and how they thought she was too young on an anonymous online forum. I responded that here was a young person eager to get involved in our town. We should give her a chance and if we weren't satisfied, we could always make our opinions known at the polls. That's the beauty of democracy. Well, it clearly appears that Garwood's residents have spoken at the polls--by electing Sara, not once or twice, but three times. In fact, in her last two elections, 2014 and 2017, she was the highest vote getter on the entire ballot. 

Having served two terms on the Board of Education and one term on Council myself, I know firsthand how time consuming this volunteer position can be.  Sara is referred to as "24/7" as a nickname because she is truly always thinking about Garwood and how to make things better for our citizens. Sara is a go-getter, which Garwood needs in a Mayor now, more than ever, as we experience redevelopment and fight to stay a good value in our expensive state. As a councilwoman, she has a laundry list of achievements. She was able to get so much done not only because of her drive, but most importantly, through teamwork. Sara has worked with both Democrats and Republicans to build consensus, whether it be on the budget each year, negotiations, or strategically applying for grants. 
I'm excited to see what Sara will do as Mayor. I know she has countless new ideas and the boundless energy to turn them into reality. Over the years, I have gotten to know this incredible young woman and I am proud to call her my friend. Soon I hope to call her our Mayor. Please join me in voting Column D in the June 5th Democratic Primary. 
Ann Tarantino 
Former Garwood Councilwoman and Board of Education Member