CLARK, NJ - When it comes to school spirit, students at Arthur L. Johnson High School never fail to give a 100 percent effort in showing their hometown gratification. This display of energy and pride was shown in full during Johnson’s first pep rally, held on Thursday, Sept. 18.

Throughout the rally, the bleachers of the school’s gym were filled to the max with students and teachers who created chants, yells, and slogans to cheer on the athletes and band members.

Johnson history teacher and event announcer David Fosco was very pleased and excited with yet another great turnout.  “The energy that our students give off is always awesome to see,” Fosco said. “I see it all from the gym floor and I’m amazed by the strength and pride that each student possesses and is willing to give off in support of every team in the school.”

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This was a time for each Crusader to show off their skills as a supporter in the bleachers. Senior David Luis did not show off his skills with his chants, however, but rather with his hands during his debut as the pep rally deejay.  Luis took over from predecessor Sam Abbaticola who recently went off to college.

Luis was in charge of providing the background music for each team and the cheerleaders when they went out to the center of the floor.

“I was very nervous at first, when I was setting up all of my equipment,” Luis stated. “I had this lingering thought in my mind that a cable was going to come loose, a song wasn’t going to play right, or simply that I was going to mess up in a really bad way. The first time is always the most difficult, not knowing what to see or expect going right into it.”

However, as the rally went on, Luis became more comfortable and confident with the environment of the rally.

“As the teams kept coming out, I realized I was doing a good job, and was able to settle down and have a lot of fun with it. It was an awesome experience, and a great stepping stone for the entertainment business I plan to work with, RTK Entertainment,” he said. “I can’t wait for the next pep rally come winter time.”

Even though the fall pep rally lasted only a few hours, Crusader pride never dies within the heart of the school. The next rally will take place on Dec. 23 in the gym where students and teachers will continue to support and cheer on all of the organizations involved in the school.

No matter what time of year it is, every Crusader is proud in any situation to scream the words “GO JOHNSON!”

Editor's Note: Anthony Filiciello is an ALJ student and a member of the TAP team at ALJ.