CLARK, NJ - Valley Road School held their 25th Annual Kindergarten Applefest.  Applefest is a school wide initiative started by kindergarten teacher, Adrienne Dubitsky.  During Applefest, each kindergarten class creates apple crafts or food items to barter in exchange for food donations.  Each student within the school is asked to donate two non-perishable food items in exchange for two apple related items created by the kindergartners.  Parents are invited to the event to help their child barter their items.

This activity aligns with the monthly theme of giving thanks and sharing. Ms. Grigoli, Mrs. Dubitsky, and Mrs. Belverio’s classes are learning about giving back and helping those in need, just as the Native Americans and Pilgrims did on the first Thanksgiving.

Each of the three kindergarten classes filled about 5-8 large boxes with cans and other non-perishable foods.  An estimated 800 cans of food will be donated to the local food bank.