Students in Ms. Grigoli’s kindergarten class at Valley Road School learned to make pizza as part of the fifth annual Thanks Sharing activity.  Throughout the month of November, students and their parents shared some of their talents, crafts, favorite books, and activities with the class.  To complete the theme of sharing, Ms. Grigoli, a newly published author and illustrator, read her story “Jacqualena’s Pizzeria” to her class and their families. The story is a step by step pizza making book.  Ms. Grigoli invited her father Mr. Grigoli into her class to show them how to make their own pizza pies.

Mr. Grigoli first demonstrated how he flattens the pizza by throwing it into the air. Each student then followed the instructions and flattened their own pizza with their hands. Next, Mr. Grigoli demonstrated how to spread the sauce and sprinkle the cheese.  Each student was then able to spread their own sauce and sprinkle cheese on their pizza.  Students were able to bring a ready to bake pizza home to share with their families.  To finish the event, students, parents, and administrators were able to enjoy a slice of pizza made by Mr. Grigoli of Nicola’s Pizzeria in Somerset.

This interactive event is a well liked and memorable activity amongst kindergarten students and administrators alike.  Ms. Grigoli’s book “Jacqualena’s Pizzeria” is available now on Amazon.