SCOTCH PLAINS/FANWOOD, NJ -- When Ben Pritzker, a fifth grader at Terrill Middle School, went to feed and say goodbye to his mini horse, Eve, on Friday morning before school, he discovered what he first thought might be a baby goat.

It turned out that the "goat" was a foal who within an hour was standing on her own four feet. 

The Pritzker family, who live on small farm in Scotch Plains on Raritan Road, rescued their mini horse in May from Barnyard Sanctuary. They had no idea that Eve was pregnant (and they don't know who or where "Adam" is at this point). They have named the baby horse "Tiki."

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"The gestation period for a mini horse is 11 months, We had no idea when we rescued Eve that she was pregnant," said Lucy Pritzker, a consultant and advocate for children with special needs. "With help from the vet, we are learning how to care for her."

Eve was originally planned to be a companion animal for the Pritzker's donkey, since it is recommended to have equine animals in groups of two. Now, Eve and Tiki will be in the same pen -- and the family will have to get another donkey to even things out again. 

Meanwhile, like all new babies, the adorable Tiki has taken up a lot of attention. She nurses, walks, and sometimes prances around the pen.

"She's so cute, it's hard not to stay here and watch her," Lucy Pritzker added. "Tiki is getting used to being around humans because Ben holds her and feeds her so much. He's taking great care of her."