With millions of people experiencing some form of pain, educating the public about alternative treatments is the responsibility of the medical and healthcare community.  Opioid abuse is an epidemic, and many are seeking alternative treatment options for their pain rather than injections and prescription pain medications. 

New reports continue to come out about abuse and overutilization of opioid drugs, amongst all socioeconomic levels across the United States.  The most commonly abused opioids are OxyContin, Hydrocodone-acetaminophin, Oxycodone-acetaminophin, and Fentanyl. 

It is alarming that in 2015, one in three Medicare beneficiaries received some form of opioid prescription.  In other words, approximately four million Medicare beneficiaries received an opioid drug, costing Medicare Part D over $4 billion dollars. 

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In another alarming statistic, those beneficiaries that commonly abused prescription opioid drugs, received an average of five prescriptions per year.  Even more troublesome is the use of opioid drugs without a prescription, or for non-medical use. 

Rather than prescription medication, we need to teach the public about alternative treatments for pain, such as physical therapy and massage therapy whenever possible.

 Pain can be caused by a chemical problem within our bodies or a biomechanical problem.  If the pain is rooted in a chemical problem, such as an infection or inflammation, then it can resolve with a chemical solution such as prescription medication. 

Often pain is caused by a biomechanical problem, such as a hypomobile or stiff joint, tight muscles, or weak muscles.  These types of pain, are resolved with a biomechanical solutions.  Biomechanical solutions include joint manipulation, massage, stretching and therapeutic exercise.  

With opioid drug abuse on the rise and often not solving the problem, consider seeking alternative methods of finding the cause of your pain and let’s fix the problem together rather than mask it.

 If you are interested in seeking help with your pain without injections, surgery, or medication, come see you local physical therapist at Cornerstone Physical Therapy Health and Wellness Center, conveniently located at 77 Brant Avenue, Suite 101, in Clark, NJ. 

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