UNION, NJ — The trial for the man accused of attacking two women with a hatchet in January 2011 began this week in Elizabeth.  Jury selection is nearly complete in the case against Morgan Mesz, the accused in the incident, known as the “Portal to Hell” case. 

In January 2011, two Township of Union residents encountered 25-year-old Mesz when they noticed items had been taken out of their shed and thrown around their yard on Longview Road.  The women, Carolyn Bunnell and Barbara Perrine, both in their 50s, opened the shed door and Mesz “pounced upon them” said Township of Union Police Director Dan Zeiser at the time.  Both women were repeatedly stabbed.  According to police, the man claimed to be searching in their shed for the “portal to hell”.

The attack left one of the women near death.  Both women had knife and hatchet wounds.  Both women were listed in critical condition after the attack. 

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The attacks only stopped when Hernan Agudelo went into his neighbor’s yard and encountered a nightmare scene where a strange man was attacking his neighbors with a 10-inch knife.  Agudelo hit the man in the head with a bat and tackled him to the ground until police arrived.  Police apprehended Mesz at the scene.  Mesz received stitches at the hospital and underwent a mental evaluation. Agudelo suffered minor injuries.

In July 2011, Mesz was indicted on three counts of attempted murder.  The trial is taking place before Judge Piem at the Union County Courthouse in Elizabeth.  The trial is expected to last 5 to 6 weeks.