Do you have an aquarium?  Do you enjoy the hobby?  Come meet others that enjoy it too every 3rd Saturday of the Month at the Clark Public Library in Union County (Exit 135 GSP).

All are welcome!

Our events feature a guest speaker (see below and on our website and Facebook Page); auction of fish/plants/inverts/dry goods (buy/sell/share/donate); Breeders & Growers Award Program; sales table; refreshments; and door prizes. Meet fellow hobbyists and take your aquarium enthusiasm and expertise to the next level like only a LIVE event can do! 

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Jan-20 Emily Voigt: “Stalking the Dragon Behind the Glass” (the arowana trade)
Feb-17 Dr. Paul V. Loiselle: “Central American Compact Cichlid”
Kevin Carr “Giant Central American Cichlids”
Mar-17 Scott Dowd: “Project Piaba - Conservation Success Story”
Apr-21 Oliver Lucanus: “Discus in their Home Waters”
“Keeping and Breeding Unusual African Cichlids”
Apr-22 (Sunday): Swim-into-Spring Giant Auction Fundraiser (East Brunswick Days Inn)
May-19 Rachel O’Leary: “Nano Fish for Nano Tanks”
“A Guide to Freshwater Invertebrates”
Jun-16 Karen Randall: “Basics of Aquatic Horticulture”
“Asian Plant Travelogue”
Jul-21 Dr. Ron Harlan: “What Aquarists Need to Know About Water Chemistry”
“Collecting in the Bolivian Amazon”
Aug-TBA (Weekend): Annual Member Picnic. Date to be announced.
Sep-15 Sal Silvestri: “Keeping and Breeding South American Dwarf Cichlids”
Oct-20 Charles Clapsaddle: “Closed System Aquaculture of Ornamental Fish”
“Magnificent Mollies”
Oct-21 (Sunday): Fall-into-Fish Giant Auction Fundraiser (East Brunswick Days Inn)
Nov-17 Lawrence Dressler: “Spirulina - The Green Wonder Food”
Rueben Lugo “Breeding Loricariid Catfishes”
Dec-TBA (weekend) Member Holiday Party

Starts: 01/20/2018 at 12:30am

Ends: 01/20/2018 at 4:30pm

Address: 303 Westfield Ave, Clark, NJ 07066

Venue: Clark Public Library

City: Clark

Zip Code: 07066

State: NJ




Twitter: @NJAS1953 #NJAS