Is it time to take hold of a plan for the new year?   You can start by organizing and setting goals for 2018.

Financial Goals: Take a look at your financial goals for the new year. Organize your budget and make a plan to eliminate debt and to save for short and long term goals. Maybe 2018 will be the right time to buy a home or sell and downsize. 

Household Goals: Getting organized. Donate, sell or discard any items that are cluttering your home which you do not put to use. Set up goals for remodeling or doing small projects around your home. Creating realistic goals about what you want to have happen within your home will help you stay on track throughout the year. 

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Health Goals: Make a specific plan. If you want to eat healthier, you can include more organic food or fresh fruits and vegetables. Getting more exercise can help your heart and other more serious health issues. Be good to your body and it will be good back to you! 

Family Goals: Setting goals to grow and bond is very important. This can include things like family dinners, game night or vacations. We recently enjoyed a Jeopardy trivia at a family gathering. Just being together will make everyone feel complete. 

Relationship Goals: Give from your heart and you shall receive. Simple! Enjoy life! Smile! Be happy! It will lift your mood up! 

Make 2018 the best year yet!

Jacki Venezio Hogan - Realtor


All Towne Realty