CLARK, NJ – Proposed renovations to the Clark McDonald’s were approved at last Thursday’s Planning Board Meeting. The board reviewed and approved plans for a new two-lane drive-thru at the McDonald’s as well as cosmetic and signage changes to the facility.

“McDonald’s [restaurants] are going through a corporate rebranding, and improvement in all the facilities is happening across the state of New Jersey [and] the country,” said Planner Charles Heydt during the meeting. Heydt, along with engineer Bradford Bohler, represented McDonald’s at the meeting and presented the renovation plans at the request of McDonald’s attorney Scott Lippert.

According to the plans, the restaurant’s drive-thru will expand to include two side-by-side ordering lanes, as opposed to one. Both lanes will have their own digital menu boards, but the lanes will merge before customers proceed to pay and receive their orders. Vehicles will be photographed at the order points to ensure that each customer receives the correct order.

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To accommodate the lane addition, the trash enclosure housed behind the McDonald’s will be moved closer to the building and two parking spaces behind the building will be removed. The overall square footage of the McDonald’s site, located at 108 Central Avenue, will remain the same. Bohler estimates that these changes will result in a 100% increase in efficiency for the McDonald’s drive-thru.

In addition to the drive-thru renovations, McDonald’s representatives also discussed other planned improvements, including a new signage package comprised of nine signs on multiple faces of the building. They also plan to plant 200 trees and shrubs on the site and repave the ADA areas to ensure compliance. No changes to the building’s square footage are planned, but Bohler indicated that some seating in the restaurant may be removed.

The representatives applied for two variances, relating to lot coverage and landscape coverage. Neither of these conditions currently meet regulations, nor would they under the proposed plan, but the proposed plan would bring both conditions closer to meeting regulatory standards.

“We’re taking an existing facility, and making it work more efficiently, and we’re making it look nicer.” said Lippert at the conclusion of the presentation, just before the board voted to approve the proposal. “I think you’ll like it when you see it.”