Dear Editor,

In March of 2018 the NJ Attorney General released the “Immigrant Trust Directive” which became effective in March of 2019. Designed to strengthen the trust between law-enforcement officers and the state’s immigrant community by assuring that crime victims and witnesses feel safe reporting crimes. The Directive limits the types of voluntary assistance that law enforcement officers of all types in NJ can give to federal immigration officers. Having read the directive myself I can say that it amounts to making NJ a Sanctuary State protecting illegal immigrants from capture by Federal ICE officers who are doing their job by enforcing the law.

A recent sweep in NJ netted 54 individuals who had been released from local jails under the rules of the directive. Those rules include but are not limited to not allowing local law enforcement to assist ICE officers when conducting operations. Also, ICE cannot be provided with access to equipment, office space, data bases and so on. And, local jails can’t honor an “ICE detainer” in New Jersey unless the detainee has been charged with or convicted of a serious crime or has a pending deportation order from a judge. Though the Gov. and AG claim that these are not the rules for a Sanctuary State the federal government does not agree and in a press conference in Newark called NJ just that.

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These rules have got to go as the safety of our residents is being imperiled. Detainees released have gone on to commit additional crimes including one from Middlesex County murdering 2 people. Another allegedly sexually assaulting a 13 yrs. old, and another committing domestic violence and then violating the DV restraining order. I believe not the types one wants roaming around.

When one takes an oath of office one swears to enforce the laws of the municipality, county, state and nation. Hence the various governing officials to include the Governor and Attorney General, who apparently gave birth to this brainchild, should vacate their offices as they are guilty of malfeasance.


Patricia Quattrocchi, Clark

Candidate General Assembly Dist. 22