CLARK, NJ – Construction of a high-powered commercial radio station in New York City will prevent the Township of Clark from transmitting emergency messages on the 1700 AM frequency it currently uses.  The FCC has recently approved a new radio license and the Township will begin broadcasting on 590 AM in the near future. 

Additional equipment will be installed at the township’s radio station to facilitate the transition.  The changeover will also allow station upgrades and increase the available broadcast message length from 15 minutes to three hours.   This will improve the township’s ability to broadcast general information and community events both in emergency and non-emergency situations.

Also being considered as part of the upgrade is an integrated audio feed from TV-36.  When township officials are broadcasting via TV-36 during an emergency event, people will be able to receive important information by utilizing a battery powered radio to listen to 590 AM even if they do not have electrical power to their televisions.

The Clark Office of Emergency Management will issue updates as the changeover occurs.