The residents of Walnut Street in Clark, after years of viewing the property where the US Gypsum Plant was located, now have their view obstructed by the back walls of stores under construction for the new shopping center.  

At the special meeting held on March 25, 2013, the Clark Planning Board members unanimously approved a master plan revision that would rezone the 28-acre former U.S. Gypsum paper plant to encourage development of a new town center.The plan, prepared by Planner Kevin O'Brien of Shamrock Enterprises and Town Engineer Richard O'Connor, said it would only include buildings on 25 percent of the property. The rest would be buffering, landscaping and impervious coverage. The plan is for one larger, supermarket-sized store and the rest to be under 50,000 square feet.  

The residents on Walnut Street can only hope that the impervious coverage and landscaping will improve their view of the shopping center once construction is completed.   

--Dario R. Valdivia