CLARK, NJ - As of the new 2016-2017 school year, the Arthur L. Johnson High School has introduced a new scheduling system called "Block" scheduling. With block scheduling, students only have four classes a day for 80 minutes, instead of the previous seven classes a day for 46 minutes. Classes alternate between "A" day and a "B" day, with classes meeting every other day.

"It's a huge change from last year,” sophomore Simone Yanogacio said. “The biggest change is having less work on my plate; there's a lot less stress because classes are only every other day."

"I'm not sure if I like it yet, but having only four classes a day makes it easier to focus more on those classes and really retain the information," sophomore Gabby Stawinski added. 

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Not only has this change been helpful in students' school days, it has proved advantageous in teacher's days as well. Mrs. Jacobi, biology and anatomy teacher, also thinks block scheduling has been favorable so far. 

"I think that block scheduling has been a real positive change for our school. It has been very beneficial in a science classroom as it gives us ample time for activities and labs. I really like the change," she said. 

The introduction of the new scheduling system comes with several changes from years before, like the longer classes, and also another added period called the activity period.

"The activity period is my favorite part of my day. It's really awesome because after two 80 minute periods, I get to go sit and relax for a while before getting back to my day," Marilena P. stated.

The activity period, an extra 25 minute period either before or after lunch, allows students to complete assignments or chat with friends, comparable to a study hall. This part of the day has proved extremely popular throughout the student population.

While a significant change from prior years, "Block" scheduling institutes less stress for students and more time to complete work for students and teachers alike. 

Editor's Note: Dana Ugarte is a student at the Arthur L. Johnson High School and a contributor to "The Crusader Today." Used with permission. 

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