CLARK, NJ - Recently singer songwriter Tiffany Houghton came to the Arthur L Johnson High School for a concert in the auditorium. Houghton, who recently finished touring with the band MKTO, came ready to perform for the eager audience with her signature red sunglasses.

Accompanied only by her guitar, Houghton started off with her hit song of the afternoon, “High.” The song refers the feeling in a new relationship—not to drug use. The excitement in the room was instantaneous; the crowd sang along to the catchy tune. 

“Love Like That” is Houghton’s current single and the second song she sang. She introduced the song by saying that she was going to teach the boys in the room about chivalry, causing the girls in the room to cheer in support.

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Houghton slowed it down next with her song entitled “Glitter.” She poured her heart out to the crowd when she said the song was inspired by people telling her that she wasn’t good enough, causing her to dull her “spark.”

The last song in the set list was a hardcore breakup song with lyrics such as “I hope you’re poisoned by a waitress.” Houghton said the song was written about a guy who was breaking her heart but he hopes they can still be friends and he wishes her the best. Appropriately titled “The Best,” the relatable lyrics and message ended the concert with a bang.

Houghton then held a question and answer period in which she gave a pair of her signature red sunglasses to each questioner.

Lucas Gallo asked “What artists have you worked with?”

Houghton responded by saying that she has worked with Nash from Hot Chelle Rae, sang backup for Mayday Parade’s newest album, toured with MKTO, and others.

“When you speak from your heart, you’re able to touch the hearts of others.” Houghton said in regard to what she loves about her music.

Houghton touched the hearts of the audience and gained a bunch of new ‘Tiffannies,’ as her fans call themselves.

To make sure an impression was also left with Houghton,  student Lauren Semler gifted her with an ALJ blanket. The performer said she would use it a lot as she’s ‘always freezing.’

The concert ended with a meet and greet on the stage, with Houghton meeting and taking pictures with the ALJ students. 

Editor's Note: This story was originally published in "The Crusader," ALJ's student newspaper and republished here with permission. Emilee Piesco is a student reporter and a member of the TAP team at ALJ.