As previously reported, the Spanish Honor Society had success in raising money for the glasses of a Puerto Rican little girl name Gelianed Rodriquez affected by the recent hurricane.

Recently, the Spanish Honor Society took it upon themselves to continue their effort in helping the Rodriquez family.

Specifically, the society looked to help Briana Ortiz Rodriquez, Gelianed‘s sister who is afflicted with sclerosis, a condition of the spine.

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As a half day was approaching, some society members had the idea of implementing a Stop the Clock Event where students could bring change to delay class time.

Altogether the event was an extreme success and $1,088 dollars was raised to help offset the $2,000 cost of a back brace for Briana that insurance would not pay for.

In the future, Spanish Honor Society looks to continue their charity efforts and continue to represent their pillars of leadership, character, scholarship, and service.