CLARK, NJ –  The Arthur L. Johnson High School’s yearbook, “Lance,” is produced each year by the Yearbook Club.  The faculty advisor is Lisa Rosso.  The club, which currently has about 15 members, is open to all students. This year’s editors are Jessie Riddlestorffer and Emily Bailey. To obtain the editor position students must have been active in the club since their freshman year.

Meetings are held twice a month for students in the club.  Rosso's “Intro To Journalism” class works on the yearbook every day. The yearbook editors also spend time working on the yearbook at home.

"I love being able to help create a book full of memories for all of Johnson,” said Senior editor Jessie Riddlestorffer. “Each year the yearbook changes and so do the students; seniors graduate, and new students come in. The yearbook serves as a way for students to remember all the exciting things that happened in Johnson that year.”

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This year’s theme is "The Great Crusaders,” based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel “The Great Gatsby.” The theme reflects how everyone at ALJ portrays greatness.

The theme is chosen in the September meeting, and everyone at that meeting gets to vote. Each member writes down their ideas on the board, and the club then thinks about which one is most relevant and will be best visually represented throughout the book.  The theme with the most votes becomes the theme of the yearbook. 

 “My favorite part of the yearbook is the process of taking it from a concept to design,” said Rosso. “It is a lot of hard work for the students and myself, but the finished product is always worth it."

With roughly 230 pages, the book requires a lot of work. The work is divided up between the club and journalism students and each gets to choose what they would like to write about on a first come, first served basis.  There are many deadlines to face in order to get the book done on time.

The yearbook is published by Jostens and can be ordered online

Editor's Note:  Lauren Cohen is an Arthur J. Johnson High School student and a member of the TAP team at ALJ.