CLARK, NJ - During the first couple of weeks of school, the students in Ms. Danielle DeFalco’s sixth grade science classes at Carl H. Kumpf Middle School participated in lessons on the importance of teamwork.

In order to prepare the students for the collaboration and communication that will be taking place in the lab this year, students were asked to work with their lab partner to complete a S.T.E.M. challenge. S.T.E.M. challenges are designed to integrate science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 
This challenge required students to build the tallest cup tower using only one rubber band, four pieces of string, and four paperclips. Teammates had to brainstorm various ideas, use good communication skills, and implement a plan to successfully engineer a building tool and construct their tower.
Students realized that the only way to successful complete this challenge was working together as a team. Through this activity, students were able to practice critical skills that they will use in the lab throughout the school year.