CLARK, NJ - Two members of Taiwanese law enforcement spent several days in Clark as part of a three week international immersion-experience in the tri-state area. 

Crime Scene Investigators Sub-Lieutenants Hui-Tang Chan and Shih-Chi Huang joined Clark police during the week of October 2 in police vehicle ride-alongs and more.

 “I love this outreach, it is an opportunity to show how far we have come as a department.  Transparency and credibility is huge with us and this is a big way to show our confidence in our department policies, equipment and of course our men,” said Clark Police Captain Vincent Concina.

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Chan and Huang spoke at times through Jamie Yeh, their liaison and the Program Director at Taiwan LEO’s Network for International Police Training.  Yeh works closely with Taiwanese and local government officials to make these international opportunities possible. 

“The Clark Police Department is really impressive.  They have the latest technology, body cams, dash cams, plate scanners and more.  I am very familiar with this department, I hear about all the things they are doing, this is the leading edge of law enforcement,” said Yeh.  “The Clark police have passion, they care about the community, you can sense it, you don’t see that in bigger departments, they are the perfect model of American cops,” said Yeh.

Chan and Huang spent time with Clark detectives reviewing investigation procedures, learning about various technologies used in today’s policing and on the road with Clark Police Officers Mark Detore and Brian Pereira performing routine traffic stops in the community.  

Chan and Huang shared some insights through Yeh about some of the differences in law enforcement in the United States as compared to their country.    According to the officers, they have more police chases in Taiwan.  Chases tend to be on police motorcycles instead of in cars.  

The Taiwanese officers expressed surprise about the freedom Clark and most US officers have to patrol a community randomly in comparison to their oversees counterparts who are restricted to a set patrol they must travel. Yeh explained that this is more proactive than Chan and Huang are used to seeing.

Batons and pepper spray are common tools of the trade for Taiwanese police. Guns are strictly prohibited for citizens so they are under less threat of gunfire than American officers on a daily basis. 

According to Yeh, some people will modify BB guns for weapons purposes and there is a black market for guns.  In cases involving a gun, Taiwanese officers are taught if they must use their guns, they should shoot to injure and warn. 

It was apparent to the visitors there is a cultural divide when it comes to local community support for law enforcement in the United States.   Chan and Huang shared that there is a lack of backing for police in Taiwan by the community and elected officials.  Yen described officers as over-worked, underpaid and under-appreciated in Taiwan. 

Yeh expressed his gratitude for the welcome by the Clark police and the experience it afforded all three of them as visitors to the department.  

 “What an amazing opportunity to experience and witness our brothers in blue perform and operate their daily duties with professionalism, honor and respect. The township leadership & community’s out pouring of love and support toward Clark officers is truly second to none.  From road patrol to traffic stops, from investigative procedure to evidence preservation, from body cam technology to license plate tracking ...the professionalism and leadership demonstrated in this highly efficient police agency are beyond words,” posted Yeh on Facebook shortly after his time in Clark. 

Chan and Huang plan to bring back what they have witnessed to their commanding officers and apply what they’ve learned.  Yeh expressed hope that one day he might be able to bring American officers to Taiwan to experience their law enforcement agencies.


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