CLARK, NJ – Children often like to do small jobs around the classroom that allow them to feel like they are the understudy of their teachers.   Thanks to Carl H. Kumpf (CHK) teachers Ms. Hull, Ms. Lanigan and Mrs. D’Amico students can do more than help, they can take over the classroom for a day.

Students will have a chance on November 20th, during lunch periods, to bid for the teacher they would like to replace for the day.  Permission slips were sent home so parents and children can strategize their maximum bid to win a chance to occupy their teacher’s role.    

Once the winning bids have been tallied up, the students will meet with his or her instructor to discuss and plan their day of teaching.  Teachers and students at CHK are excited to see how the Teacher for the Day Event will unfold.  

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Winners take the reigns as Teacher for the Day on Wednesday November 26th, the half-day prior to Thanksgiving break. The monies raised in this interactive event will be used for various activities throughout the school year.

This event was done at CHK in the past.  All three teachers agreed it was a fun and successful event and it was time to bring it back. For details on the winners of the auction and events of the day, go to CHK’s website at