CLARK, NJ - Mayor Sal Bonaccorso confirmed there are two more cases of COVID-19 in the township on Monday afternoon.   In a statement released to the community Bonaccorso said Clark's Health Officer Nancy Raymond had conducted investigations.  Bonaccors said HIPPA laws restrict sharing the identity of individuals, but he said, "If you weren't contacted then you were not a direct contact."

The mayor also asked citizens not to panic as he is sure the number of cases will continue to rise as testing continues.  Instead, he asked everyone to stay home and follow the health guidelines for social distancing and hand washing.  

Bonaccorso's full statment is here:

"I'd like to take the time to inform our community that we have 2 additional confirmed cases in Clark Township. Our Health Officer, Nancy Raymond has already conducted her investigation. If you weren't contacted then you were not a direct contact. I'd like to take this time to also remind residents that as per HIPPA laws that is all the information that we can disclose.
In addition, as the days go on, and testing continues, we are going to see an increase in positive cases. I don't want this to cause panic, but I do want to urge everyone to stay at home, continue social distancing, and wash your hands. This will help flatten the curve.
Furthermore, I want to inform residents that I have taken the measures to protect our Township Employees, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, and EMT's. They are diligently working to continue services for everyone. Each week I'm having all buildings cleaned to help keep their exposure down.
Lastly, I to live in Clark. I also, have the same concerns as each of you. With that said, I again urge everyone to follow our health officials directions. Stay in, social distance, and wash your hands. If you should have any questions you can email Thank you and god bless each and everyone of you as we through this as a community.: