CLARK, NJ – Brandon Mc Kenna and Brendan Jacobi, Clark natives and graduates of Arthur L. Johnson High School were sworn in on Monday evening as Clark’s newest police officers.  The regular order of business for the Clark Township Council meeting was suspended to conduct the ceremony.  Over a dozen current and retired Clark Police Officers were on hand to welcome them into the fold.

Mayor Sal Bonaccorso opened the evening by welcoming the community to the event and focusing on the future of the two men before him that had grown up under the protection of the department they were about to join. 

“Clark provided a great, safe, clean community for you to grow up in, for the next thirty years all I want to hear is what you are going to do for Clark in return…now it is your turn, thirty more years, hard work protecting  these great citizens,” said Bonaccorso.

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Chief Pedro Matos then started the ceremony by welcoming both men and their families to the department.   “Nothing gives me more pleasure than welcoming two new families to our family,” said Matos. “Brendan and Brandon both grew up in Clark, their character has been molded by this town, so now it’s your turn to give back.”

Matos called McKenna forward with his family first.   The chief said McKenna graduated ALJ in 2011 and then completed a degree in Criminal Justice at Union County College.  McKenna’s shield was pinned on him by his brother, a NJ State Police Officer.

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Next Matos called Jacobi to the front of the chamber with his family.  Matos said Jacobi had graduated ALJ in 2010 and went to Stockton University where he received a degree in History.

Matos said both officers had started the police academy in January before finishing earlier this month.  He said they had completed thorough physical training and many levels of law enforcement training.  Matos said each new officer would be assigned a platoon and would undergo field training with another officer over the next few months. 

In closing the ceremony, Matos had a message of encouragement to the families of each new officier.  “Your son’s are going to be in good hands, we are going to watch over them and make sure that we go home at the end of every shift,” he said.   Matos then turned his attention to the mayor and council and thanked them for their support of his efforts to hire and promote staff as needed in his mission to protect the citizens of Clark.


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