SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ --  Union Catholic faculty members, who are committed to professional development, once again displayed their continuing efforts to prepare and learn new skills and practices for the upcoming school year by participating in Wednesday’s ScIC3 "Science is Cool" webinar.

The virtual webinar, featuring world-renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, was attended by UC science teachers Mrs. Melissa Yezo, Ms. Samantha Scutieri, and Mrs. Mary Jo Raite.

The event was filled with amazing presenters, speakers, scientists, innovators, passionate educators, and explored remote learning, equity and accessibility within STEM education, and remote and hybrid learning.

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Ms. Scutieri said the webinar was very educational.

"Having been able to participate in the ScIC2 conference a couple of months ago, I knew I would be invigorated once again by being able to learn from so many other science educators,’’ said Ms. Scutieri I have been inspired to look at different ways to update activities for AP Stats and Engineering for this uncertain time, and how we can get kids excited about the learning we are guiding them through no matter where they are located during that learning."

"One of my favorite sessions was learning about the Data Classroom program, which would be a great supplement to help students learn about how to gather, organize, and assess data, as well as run statistical tests on it, and look for patterns by making small changes within the program, which would take much more effort to do by hand, or could be impossible with other tool,’’ said Ms. Scutieri.

Mrs. Yezo said the webinar was very beneficial. 

“The webinar provided inspiring discussions on the importance of connecting with our students through fostering curiosity in our virtual science classrooms,’’ said Mrs. Yezo.

Mrs. Raite said she learned new ways to connect with her students.  

“As science educators it is really wonderful when we can stop and listen to someone in our field who is both an educator and a scientist,’’ said Mrs. Raite. “Listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson during the "unconference" today gave me ideas on how to take a different approach to teaching  science in a more realistic way. Making science more about bringing their textbook to life.’’