CLARK, NJ - The unofficial results of the June 4 primary election for the 32 Democratic Committee seats in Clark  indicate the Democrats United for Clark took the majority of seats.  In the unofficial, preliminary results released by Clark Township Clerk, Edith Merkel, the DUC took 18 seats and the Regular Democratic Organization took 12.

By the end of the evening, several races closed with tight margins and two other committee seats ended in a tie.  Merkel said the provisional and vote-by-mail ballots will be reviewed by Union County officials on Friday so some outcomes may change.

Committee seats were contested throughout the county in yesterday’s election.  A Letter to the Editor from the DUC claiming Union County Democratic Chairman Nick Scutari had removed members from the Regular Democratic Organization line on the ballot this year, provided a sense of the battle being waged within the party and across the county.    Another letter urged voters to be sure the folks they were voting for, would be working for them. 

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In the end, it appears the DUC may have staged a comeback in Clark.  Final results will be shared when they are released from Union County.

Here are the preliminary results released in Clark:


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