CLARK, NJ – Recently, students in both of Clark’s elementary schools participated in a lesson together thanks to Google Hangout.

Valley Road School computer teacher Nicole Czarnecki’s third grade students worked with Frank K. Hehnly School computer teacher Teresa Gotti’s students for this assignment in communication. 

Students in both classes wrote descriptive paragraphs about digital drawings they created.  The students then used words that would help the reader smell, taste, feel, hear, and see what they were describing.

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“Video-chatting allows students to be in a different learning environment, which can benefit them in so many ways. While actually participating in a video conference session, students need to articulate their thoughts and communicate clearly and effectively,” said Czarnecki. 

“In doing so, students develop an inherent flair for public speaking. More importantly, they lose their inhibitions and grow into confident individuals, fully capable of putting across their points forthrightly.”

Volunteers from each class read their paragraphs via Google Hangout while both classes drew.  The original and redrawn drawings were held up at the end for comparison.