CLARK, NJ - Everybody knows vampire bats drink blood, right?  Well according to Ethan Gilardi, a bat biologist from the Fish and Wildlife Conserve of New Jersey, they actually don’t do that at all.  They even share some of their own meal if another bat in the colony does not have enough to eat.

 Gilardi was a surprise virtual guest in his sister Emma Gilardi’s fourth grade class at Valley Road School recently.  Students in Gilardi’s class work hard to earn the visit as part of an incentive program.

 During his visit Gilardi spoke to students about all types of bats and the many types that call New Jersey home.  

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 Emma Gilardi said her children enjoyed the visit and “we couldn’t believe how many bats Ethan has met and saved.”  She continued on to say he was the perfect mystery guest for the month of October.


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