CLARK, NJ – Superintendent  Ed Grande and Mayor Sal Bonaccorso took to TV36 on Wednesday evening to set the record straight for the community about budget challenges the school district and the township faced this year.

Bonaccorso opened the show by acknowledging the budget issues and soon after tackled head-on what he referred to as the misinformation circulating on social media by asking Grande directly, “Is there two million dollars missing?

Grande thanked the mayor for giving him the opportunity to answer that question and then explained how school budgets are designed to work and how  it lead to the challenges the district is facing.

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Grande and Bonaccorso took turns explaining and discussing various topics throughout their televised segment.    They spoke about items such as  how the budgetary restrictions came to be for both the town and the schools, the state-mandated cap on budgets, the cuts that were made in the school district and the opportunities for freshman athletes.

In his address, the superintendent assured viewers “We scoured the budget and we are still able to have new offerings,” said Grande.  He also shared that he is proud to have gone through the Clark schools and to be here as Superintendent.

Grande said the tough decisions he is making with the BOE, are tough on him too.  He said all decisions made are done so in the best interest of the children.  

Grande spoke of his desire to build Clark into a premier district and shared how the Clark schools have been ahead of the curve on many educational fronts.

Watch the entire segment above or click here.


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