CLARK, NJ - When Amy Dietz took her son Logan for lunch at a local deli on Wednesday, she never expected it would result in the Clark Police showing up at her front door shortly after she arrived home.    

According to Dietz the story began when she parked next to a Clark police vehicle on the way to lunch with her two year old son Logan.   He was really thrilled when he realized the officers were having lunch at the same restaurant.   

“Logan is not shy, he was waving at the officers, excited to see them, he even went over and gave them hugs,” said Dietz.  “He was just really excited.”

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Dietz said the officers were all kind to him and welcoming of his enthusiasm.   When she left the restaurant, Dietz thought nothing of the lunchtime events and went home.

Shortly after arriving there Dietz said she was stunned and a little confused about the police ringing her doorbell but she soon realized, through a doorbell camera, it was the same officers she had encountered with Logan during lunch.

As Dietz opened the door, she found officers on her steps and their patrol cars in front of her home with lights flashing.  Officer Sergio D’Andrea requested to see Logan.   Dietz said she ran inside and pulled Logan out of his bed where he was napping so he could see the officers.  

Dietz’ home video shows Lt. Antonio Manata, Patrolmen Andrew Medeiros, Mark Detore, Anthony Salas, Detective Brian Pereira, along with D’Andrea  delivering Logan his very own toy police car and dubbing him honorary junior police officer.   Before leaving, officers gave Logan a little light and sound demo of his very own.

“I’m just so overwhelmed, it is so cool what these officers did, “said Dietz.  “He cannot be separated from that police car now.”  



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