WESTFIELD, NJ — A movie called “The Watcher” will premiere Lifetime Movie Network on Sunday, Oct. 9.

“Unaware of its terrible history, a young couple purchases their dream home,” the teaser on Lifetime’s website reads. “But it soon becomes clear that they may not be alone in the house … and that someone — or some thing — is determined to drive them out.”

The plot of the film is inspired by the real-life story of Westfield's own “Watcher” house, 657 Boulevard, according to the website Inquisitr.

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The owners of the real home, who bought it for $1.3 million in 2014, have claimed in a lawsuit that disturbing letters signed “The Watcher” are preventing them from being able to sell six-bedroom home. They are suing on the grounds that the former owners did not disclose to them the creepy letters prior to closing. 

The family never moved into the home, and it’s possible that no one will ever will again. Recently, the owners of 657 Boulevard filed a zoning application with the Westfield Planning Board to have the Dutch colonial torn down and replaced with two new homes. A public hearing on the matter is set to take place during the Westfield Planning Board's Oct. 5 meeting.