The council of Clark voted unanimously to move forward with a competing bid for the Clark Pool concession contract. The final vote will be on March 20. They have the power to justify going with our lower bid.

Here's the real story... The price difference is more than paid for with the competitors price list.... an average of $.20-$.60 higher per item on about 60% of their menu than our proposed menu for this year, which already was taking $.10-$.20 increase on 30% of our menu (certain sandwiches, $.25 on kids meals, $.10 on pretzels) to pay for our increased cost of bid to the pool utility. In their moment of concern for protecting taxpayers and pool members, the Council had unwittingly decided you should pay more indirectly for your pool membership.

Some items are priced the same, one item is priced lower. But say goodbye to a few things... say goodbye to local management where we actually care for you as individual local people. Say goodbye to rotating specials. Say goodbye to us sacrificing some amounts of cost to provide an excellent product. Say goodbye to tube rentals. Say goodbye to affordable party options. There is more, but The competitor higher bid presented none of these things.

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My family and I have loved running the concession. We came in to bid at the request of board members 3 years ago after years of mismanagement and terrible quality at high prices. We were pool member first, concessionaires second, AT THE REQUEST of the same town council now choosing money over experience. The same way they ended up in the situation they begged us to fix.

We understand the business decision behind the councils call, I am a registered republican, I understand the idea of the taxpayer expense. But I also understand cost passes and profit. We own a restaurant and every cost change changes the cost to the consumer. Today, when our council voted for a higher concessionaire rate, they made a decision to take an increase of 1.6% to their Clark pool utility budget that will be paid by the members of the pool.

This bid is the highest ever in the history of the pool. The others who bid close to this amount ever were unsuccessful. It's not sustainable. It ended in a situation where the pool had zero bidders and ended up with scraps of terrible operators. WHEN this competitor fails, it will cost the utility at least the same $4000.

If you want the experience you've had with us, it is imperative you reach out to the Clark mayor and council and let them know you intend to vote with your membership this year.

Those of us in business know when it comes to business, money isn't everything. Sometimes you make less money today for long term prosperity. We intended to be involved with the concession for many years to come. With our family and yours growing together. With that in question over 1.6% of the total operating budget, we ask your support.

-Chris Pandolfo