CLARK, NJ - When will I ever use this in real-life?  A question many students pose throughout their academic careers as they face lessons that don't often seem applicable to their every day.   Thanks to a Kristina Hungrige , a Geometry teacher at Arthur L. Johnson High School, her students have a better understanding how something that seems abstract has real application in their life.   

Hungrige's class recently completed a project where they analyzed advertisements and connected it to their study of proofs.  Students were required to find an advertisement and answer questions related to proofs that included determining the conditional statement, the converse of the conditional statement, the inverse statement of the conditional statement, and the contrapositive statement of the conditional statement. Students then shared their work via Google Classroom. 

Hungrige explained how this exercise brought relevancy to Math for her students. “Arguing any point logically and effectively requires each statement possess a valid reason. This can not only be found in advertisements we see everyday, but it is evident in our study of proofs as well. Using students’ prior knowledge of advertisements was a relevant way to introduce proofs.”