John B. Miller was a member of the 155th Infantry Brigade, 309th Infantry, 78th Division, United States Army, serving during World War I.  Miller lived at 2 Valley Road, Clark, NJ.

On Oct. 16, 1918, Miller was with his unit, attacking German forces during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. This was part of the final, winning Allied offensive of World War I, and it stretched along the entire Western Front.

During the attack, Miller was severely wounded and would eventually die from those wounds on Nov. 12, 1918, one day after the Armistice was signed ending the war. 

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His father, Adam Miller, received a telegram on Dec. 9, 1918, stating that his son, who was previously reported as “Missing in Action” since Oct. 16, 1918, was now reported to have died on Nov. 12, 1918, following “Wounds Received in Action.” 


Clark's Fallen Heroes profiles those 21 soldiers from Clark who died in service to their country. Author William Duffy’s research into Clark’s war dead included such primary sources as United States military records kept at the National Archive, articles and reports from “The Elizabeth Daily Journal,” photographs, letters and, when possible, interviews with family members and friends of the deceased.

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