Martin Schmitt died while fighting in Europe and there he remains. Schmitt was killed in action on Nov. 30, 1944 while serving as a corporal in the 407th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 102 Infantry Division, M Company of the United States Army. 

He was laid to rest in the U.S. military cemetery in Margraten, the Netherlands.

Although he grew up in nearby Roselle Park, Schmitt married his high school sweetheart Margaret Carlson of Clark.  The young couple lived with Carlson’s parents on Westfield Avenue before Schmitt entered the Army.

“Schmidt” Lane in Clark is named after this Fallen Hero.  When his name was selected to be honored with a street shortly after the war, the person who ordered the sign inadvertently misspelled this hero’s last name.  The correction was never made and so to this day the street remains “Schmidt” Lane.