Last month, my wife Julie and I went for a COVID-19 test that was conducted by the Union County Mobile Testing Unit.  The tests were given at the Garwood Firehouse and were available to everyone.  Although they accepted reservations, we just showed up and the process took about 15 minutes to complete.  The unit conducted 135 tests over the two hours they were onsite.

Upon arrival, we waited in a short, socially-distanced line.  We were asked to present our identification and fill out a short form that inquired about our medical condition.  With our check-in form in hand, we waited on another short line until it was our turn to be tested.  Once seated at the test table I was informed that the procedure (nasal swab) would last for five seconds, which it did.  It was quick and easy.  As promised, we both received a phone call three days later informing us that both of us tested negative. 

As I reflect on this experience, I believe we should have more testing available right here in Garwood, including the saliva test. We can do this through continued partnership with the Union County Mobile Testing Unit.

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We also need to prepare for the eventuality of a COVID-19 vaccine. My running mate, Vincent Kearney, and I believe improved communication with facts about the vaccine from reputable sources as well as where to go to get it should be a top priority. We believe in working with close contact to our Health Department.

With your support of Vincent and myself for Garwood Council by November 3rd, we can get this done. We understand how our local government works, have had personal experience with COVID-19 testing firsthand (with Vincent even having this virus back in April), and we have a plan for how to accomplish more testing and more communication about the future vaccine.

Councilman Russ Graham
Candidate for Garwood Council