CLARK, NJ - Students at Hehnly and Valley Road learned about the Olympics during recent activities at both schools.  At Hehnly, Mrs. Pflug's fourth grade and Mrs. Mytrowitz's kindergarten buddy classes enjoyed an Olympic Day. Students learned about the history of the Olympics and the various events available to athletes in the  games.  Seven buddy teams worked together to create an event for the day. Students were given items such as hula hoops, lacrosse sticks, scooters, and hot wheel cars. They then decided what the game would consist of, what the rules were, and how points would be distributed. Each group then chose a country to represent them and created a flag for that country to display during the opening ceremony. 

“This was a great opportunity for youngsters to learn about and emulate the hard work and spirit of the athletes who participate in the Olympics every two years,” explained Mrs. Bergin. Mrs. Pflug and Mrs. Mytrowitz were proud of how their students demonstrated good sportsmanship throughout the events and the fun they shared. 

At Valley Road School, second graders participated in Winter Olympic-themed STEAM activities.  The students learned about specific events such as bobsledding, snowboarding, curling, and speed skating. Through the use of various household materials, the students were able to construct their own mini bobsleds to send their team of “counting bears” down the track to achieve the fastest time. The students also used these materials to send their bolt into the designated area for curling and to create a snowboard to race down the mountain. Additionally, the second graders learned about speed skating and practiced the motion down the hallway to see who could slide through the course the fastest. “These activities were a fun and creative way to learn about a great winter tradition,” said Mrs. Pinto.