GARWOOD, NJ – Clearsmile of Garwood held a grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday.  Community leaders and guests joined with the staff to learn about one of the town's newest businesses.  

“There’s been a lot of demand recently in the orthodontic market for clear aligners,” said Dr. Phil Messer, owner of Clearsmile. “We decided that we wanted to build a place centered around them.”

Clearsmile provides Invisalign treatments geared toward adults. Messer said it can take anywhere between 4 and 24 months for someone to complete treatment, depending on the severity of the case. Messer explained that, for a patient whose treatment plan calls for 30 aligners, the patient will receive about 8 to 12 aligners per visit, which reduces the number of appointments needed.

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“You’re coming here every two to three months for us to monitor your progress [and] make sure everything is going how we want it to go,” Messer said. “If we get off track a little bit, we do a new scan and get you right back on track.”

Messer encourages his patients to wear their aligners 22 hours a day, taking them out when eating, brushing, or flossing. He believes Invisalign has emerged as an alternative to braces for many people. “It’s a really neat technology, and it’s come such a long way,” he said. “In 2019, almost everyone is a candidate for Invisalign.”

Messer’s staff includes board-certified orthodontist Dr. Tasneem Rangwala, DDS. He also employs an office manager and assistant, bringing the total staff in the office to just four people. “If you remember back when you had braces, you had all different types of people working in that office,” Messer said. “With Invisalign, you just don’t need a staff that big.”

Messer, his staff, and Garwood Mayor Sara Todisco cut a ribbon in front of the office to commemorate the grand opening. “I want to welcome Phil and his staff here,” Todisco said after the ceremony. “[Clearsmile] adds to the diversity of businesses that we have here in town.”

The Garwood store is Messer’s only Clearsmile store, but Messer also runs a general practice in Randolph. Messer said he feels welcomed by the community and is hopeful his business will make an impact.  “The sense of community here is infectious, and we hope for many years to be able to serve the residents of Garwood and beyond,” Messer said.

Want a Free Consultation?

Clearsmile offers free consultations for those interested in Invisalign treatments.

“Our consults are always free. So, we do the X-Rays, scans, photos, and [you] sit down with Dr. Rangwala,” Messer said.

Messer encouraged anyone interested in a consultation to make an appointment in person or by phone with Alyssa, the Office Manager. “Alyssa will be here five days a week to get people scheduled,” Messer said.

For more information about Clearsmile, visit their website or Facebook page.