SOUTH PLAINFIELD, NJ – DiFrancesco Enterprises, LLC, a South Plainfield-based ATM & Credit Card Merchant Services provider, has added the Swipe4Free cash discount and surcharging platform to its available client inventory. 

Merchants who switch to Swipe4Free will incur no monthly processing fees and, as a result, can save thousands in unnecessary costs and maintain 100-percent of their sales. 

"The traditional credit machines charge merchants each time you swipe and costs businesses – large and small - hundreds of dollars each month," said Joe DiFrancesco, the company's president. 

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Swipe4Free allows merchants to pass their credit card processing fees along to the customer by implementing a 4-percent non-cash charge on all purchases made with credit/debit cards. The non-cash charge is legal within all 50 states and is automatically waived when customers pay with cash or a gift card. Businesses who switch to Swipe4Free will be provided signage and stickers that can be placed on doors and/or at the register to make customers aware of the non-cash charge in place.

"Every time you swipe that credit card, a business is getting charged all these fees. With the Swiipe4Free, customers are notified that, if they chose to pay with a card, they will be charge a small fee and can make the decision to either use the card or pay cash to avoid the fee," DiFrancesco said. 

The non-cash charge imposed through Swipe4Free, he added, eliminates all of a business' credit card processing fees with the 4-percent fee going to cover interchange costs, authorization costs, transaction costs, and support for merchants. Businesses in return can keep 100-percent of their profits and, in return, pass that savings along to their customers. 

"Ultimately, because businesses won't be faced with these monthly charges, they will be able to pass along that savings to their customers," DiFrancesco said, adding that any business that is not happy with Swipe4Free can revert to the traditional machines with DiFrancesco Enterprises guaranteeing to beat competitor rates. 

In addition to Swipe4Free, DiFrancesco also offers ATMs as well as a variety of traditional credit card merchant services and mobile devices. For more information, (908) 768-4900 or message them on Facebook at

Editor's Note:  The Editor of TAPinto South Plainfield is a partner in Difrancesco Enterprises.