CLARK, NJ - Arthur L. Johnson happily welcomes one of their newest teachers and staff members, Ms. Kayla White to the school. Ms. White is the school's newest math analysis and geometry teacher. She replaces Mr. Silber, who retired from teaching last year.

Originally from Roselle Park, White attended Kean University where she earned her a Bachelor of Science Degree in Science and Technology with a focus in Mathematics. Ms. White also has a Masters in Instruction and Curriculum.  Ms. White’s past professional experience includes student and substitute teaching.    

Her typical workday can become very busy, as she teaches five different classes. However, she says that she really enjoys her work at ALJ.  She also credits the students as being the best part of her job, because she likes making a difference in their learning. Ms. White says her main focus is, “giving the students the necessary tools to succeed in their academic careers and lives”.

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When asked why she became a teacher, Ms. White said, “I wanted to be a teacher since I was in elementary school. I always loved watching my teachers grade papers, take attendance, write on the board, make copies, etc. Plus I LOVE to talk. If you look back in my fifth grade yearbook when they asked me 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' I answered with 'a professional cheerleader or a math teacher', and clearly the professional cheerleader career did not work out.”

Outside of school Ms. White enjoys playing softball and attending sports events and games. “I am very happy to be working in this district and school and I am really looking forward to this year!”, says White.

Hoo's New @ ALJ will be a regular column showcasing new teachers and administrators at the school. Various contributors will participate. 


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