Hell Fest, directed by Gregory Plotkin and starring Bex Taylor-Klaus and Amy Forsyth, follows three female friends on a triple date to a traveling scare fest, aptly named Hell Fest. Hell Fest consists of indoor and outdoor mazes in which hired ghouls scare scores of thrill-seeking teens as they wind their way through the attractions. Actors throughout the park may run up and scare, or even touch them as well;  in a nutshell, Hell Fest is quite similar to Fright Fest at Six Flags.

The movie begins at Hell Fest several years earlier, with someone dressed as one of the ghouls following a girl. She doesn’t think much of it - she paid for this, right? But shocker: the scene ends with the girl being murdered; he was, in fact, not a worker. It’s now several years later and although the main characters know of this incident, they decide to take part in the festivities regardless. Of course, the night does not end up being quite as fun as they expected it to be. The murderer is back, and this time, he is following this group of friends.

The movie definitely had its good and bad aspects - emphasis on the bad. Although there were many scary elements, there was a little too many awkward in-between moments. Many scenes showcasing the friend group include a lot of silence; just a bit too much like real life. We don’t mind living through silent moments during our daily lives, but maybe not so much watching a horror movie. Additionally, many of the more frightful scenes were very predictable. Of course, at this point in time, horror movies don’t have quite the shock element as they used to; how many different things can these directors come up with? For example, in one scene, the main character is trapped on a horror ride, and while the lights are flickering on and off, the man following her ends up closer to her each time the light comes back on. Couldn’t see that one coming, right?  Finally, the acting just wasn’t convincing. From the beginning, it was not hard to tell these actors aren’t as experienced as some of our favorites.

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To be fair, this movie was not all bad. It definitely fulfilled its purpose - it scared me and my whole family! It had the requisite gore, murders, and surprise moments that we look for when signing up for a horror flick. Although it was not my personal favorite, I would recommend going to see this movie if you’re ready for a Halloween scare and don’t expect too much soul-searching depth.


Kaitlyn King is a senior at ALJ and the author of Kait's Pix her column dedicated to film reviews.   

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