CLARK, NJ – Hehnly School students participated in the annual 100th Day of School celebration recently.   During their day, classes rotated through three uniquely themed stations.   The first was the 100 Cup Tower.  According to teachers, it was the most popular stop on the children’s journey.   This station required students to use 100 cups to create a tower that would stand for one minute.

The second station, 100 Year History required students to reflect on the past.   At this stop, students used iPads to research events that occurred 100 years ago. 

The final station challenged students’ language arts skills.   At the 100 Words post, children worked together to come up with 100 words.   Teachers reported that several groups went over the goal of 100.

Mrs. Holcombs, Ms. Martucci and Ms. Rodrigues led their classes through the day’s events.  “The students really enjoyed celebrating the 100th day of school. They were able to learn teamwork, basic skills of engineering, the history of our country and town, and spelling while also having fun,” said said Martucci.