CLARK, NJ - Fifth grade students at Valley Road School  participated in a Colonial Job Fair prior to schools closing last month.  The event was organized by fifth grade teachers Bryan Lowe, Nicole Reagan, Diane Spagnoli, and Kelly Worton.

To prepare for the event, students were asked to research a selected profession from Colonial times. Students then created a project explaining the job’s importance, qualifications, responsibilities, and location.  Students dressed in period clothing and explained their professions to those that attended the fair. Student professions included Blacksmith, Hatter, and Printmaker among many others.  

"The Colonial Job Fair gave students a chance to bring history to life," said Principal Joe Beltramba. "The teachers worked very hard on organizing this event and making it a memorable learning experience for our students. Our students did an extraordinary job researching and ultimately becoming their chosen profession. We are very proud of their hard work."

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Beltramba continued, “Students are taught about life in colonial America. They learn the issue of independence from the Loyalist view and the view of the Patriots. We try to teach the students that there are two sides or more to each issue and it is important to examine both sides.” 


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