CLARK, NJ – Fifth graders in Ms. Ulrich’s class at Frank K. Hehnly School got up close and personal with worms during a recent class activity.  

As part of a unit of study on life sciences including food webs and food chains in the environment, students learned decomposers get their energy by recycling dead organisms to produce new nutrients in the soil for plants,

Students learned one of the decomposers is the earthworm.  During the lesson, students learned about the worm’s structural and behavioral adaptations, the role of worms as decomposers, and their basic anatomy. 

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Then students had a truly “hands-on” experiment with worms.   While working in groups, students measured, touched the skin, observed the movement, and identified the segments and body parts of worms. 

According to school officials this was just the beginning of the worm study which will include observing how worms react to different scents, light, and vibrations. 

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