CLARK, NJ - If the silver vessel pictured above looks familiar, chances are you were a fourth grade student in Ms. Barbara Jean Delnero's fourth grade class at Frank K. Hehnly Elementary School in the year 2000.  It's 20 years later and according to the directions clearly labeled on the front of that shiny container, it is due to be opened on June 20, 2020.   

Delnero is searching for students from her 1999-2000 class to join her in opening a time capsule the class prepared at the turn of the century.  "The items students put in there don't reflect today's technology or many of the major events that have happened since that time like 9/11 or Superstorm Sandy and more, it was a different time," she said.   

Now retired, Delnero kept the time capsule in her possession as promised for the planned opening.  She is hoping her class will join her.  If you are a former student and would like to be a part of this opening ceremony, please feel free to email your name and contact information to

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