SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ -- Union Catholic proudly inducted 111 students into the National Honor Society during a ceremony in the school auditorium on Tuesday night.

After an opening prayer by Principal Sister Percylee Hart, RSM, and opening remarks by National Honor Society Advisor Ms. Patty Nuwer '01, senior inductees Andrew Palacio, Catherine Tangreti, Jacob Cunha, and Sarah Abood all delivered inspirational speeches. Palacio spoke about character, Tangreti about service, Cunha about leadership, and Abood about scholarship.

Keynote speaker Mrs. Kimberly Donnelly, a member of UC faculty, concluded the ceremony with an engaging speech.

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"St. Francis taught us to start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible," said Mrs. Donnelly. "All of you have started by doing what's necessary. You diligently go to school and never give up. You choose the right path and stay the course. You dream, believe, and inspire others to follow. You have Faith and you give and serve. That leads you to then do what's possible."

"Fueled by your Faith, your diligence and your dreams, you've been inducted into the National Honor Society. You're applying to colleges, and soon you'll be accepted into colleges. Before you know it, you'll be planning a career or applying to graduate school. Suddenly you are doing the impossible . . . Congratulations to each of you on your accomplishments so far. May they give you the confidence and courage to do the impossible in the future and to make a difference in the world."

The following Union Catholic students have met all the requirements set forth by the National Honor Society:

Class of 2020 Inductees

  • Gabriel Abood                    Zoe Kalebota
  • Madeleine Abood                Grace Kane
  • Sarah Abood                       David Laguitan
  • Megha Alexander               Hunter Lee
  • Chelsea Alves                     Cara Leegan
  • Sofia Alves                        John McElroy
  • Justina Benvenuto              John Mintel
  • Kacey Brennan                   Jonathan Mizhirumbay
  • Christopher Buerle              Andrew Palacio
  • Lyndsey Buren                   Rebecca Penevolpe
  • Sihan Cao                          Gabriella Pollard
  • Yingying Cao                     Nicole Rada
  • Juliana Cerqueira               Conor Reilly
  • Jacquelyn Coyne               Olivia Rittenhouse
  • Jacob Cunha                      Christopher Robateau, Jr.
  • Lauren-Marie Diawatan     Caitlin Roder
  • Ashia Ellison                     Clarise Rueda
  • Michael Fox                     Paige Scheidemann
  • Dylan France                    Silvana Schifano
  • Meghan Gelcius                Mia Schutz
  • Nola Gialanella                 Sara Simoes
  • Anna Gordon                    Olivia Szyszkiewicz
  • Tiffany Grovas-Acosta      Catherine Tangreti
  • Enxi Guo                          Sean Thal
  • Ziji Guo                            Madison Truesdale
  • XiHan He                         Kaitlyn Valendo
  • Madison Hnatowski           Michael Valentin
  • Runpeng Hua                    Andrea Vira
  • Jillian Jacinto                    Natalie Walker
  • Laura Jacus                      Chenming Yu
  • Nicholas Jacus

Class of 2021 Inductees

  • Benjamin Abood              Karen Melendez
  • Isabela Allen                    Liam Miller
  • Thomas Armstrong           Kaitlyn Monahan
  • Alyssa Belmonte             Caroline Morgan
  • Nadia Blouin                   Michelle Noesner
  • Adrienne Caceda             Joseph Paglia
  • Gillian Caldas                  Isaac Paul
  • Jonathan Carrion             Gianna Peralta
  • Yilin Chai                       Katherine Petrick
  • Danielle Coyne                Melina Piatti-Chayan
  • Sara Crevani                    Elisabeth Pickel
  • Jessica Cruz                    Klarisse Rivera
  • Danielle Cullinan             Lilyana Roque
  • Giavanna DiFrancesco      Derek Ruiz-Webb
  • Kaitlyn Dohn                  Maximilian Salameh
  • Madeline Gunsiorowski Xiyue Sang
  • Nicholas Hart                   Alexandra Schmitt
  • Yingxin Hou                    Rajit Sharma
  • Gabrielle Keating             Arminder Singh
  • Adriana Kwiatkowski       Ryan Sulistyono
  • Meghan Mahaffey            Yilin Tang
  • Rocco Mariani                  Elizabeth Walch
  • Sabrina Mayor                  Catherine Weddle
  • Catherine McGovern         Quqi Zhang
  • Clare McGuinness            Yang Zhao