CLARK, NJ - A couple of weeks prior to the close of schools, Valley Road and Hehnly Schools managed to slip in a great night of science discovery.   Each school participated in the Elementary Science Fair held in the cafeteria at Arthur L. Johnson High School.

Students displayed their science fair projects which ranged from Soda Science to a Hydraulic Arm. For each project, students had to create a question to guide their experiment as well as generate a hypothesis and draw conclusions based on their results.  School officials said the event was well attended by students, parents, teachers, board members, and elementary administrators.  

According to Assistant Principal of the Elementary Schools Mallory Applebaum, “The Elementary Science Fair is a fun way for our students to showcase their findings from the experiments they conduct. The students enjoy visiting their peers’ booths to learn about science. We had 115 projects, which is the highest turnout we’ve ever had.” 

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