CLARK, NJ - Township officials issued a community alert late Wednesday afternoon advising residents of how to check the authenticity of individuals conducting the 2021 Revaluation throughout Clark.  The alert was sent after a resident advised the township a man requested photos of the inside of her house.  Authorities said it was quickly determined the man did not work for the company doing the inspections.

The alert advised residents that Appraisal Systems, Inc. is the company conducting the interior and exterior surveys. They additional issued these guidelines to the community:

  • Employees of Appraisal Systems present identification 
  • They measure the exterior of homes
  • They will request an interior walk-through but will not request or take any photos
  • If concerned, residents were advised to ask person to wait, lock door and call police at 732-388-3434 to verify if workers were registered to be working in their area that day
  • The number for Appraisal Systems is 201-493-8530


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