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Coral Springs Seeks Help In Reaching $150,000 Goal of “Give Where You Live” Campaign

May 31, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Coral Springs officials are continuing to encourage business owners and residents to open their wallets and help fellow business owners and residents struggling to get by in the coronavirus economy.

The city’s “Give Where You Live” campaign to provide temporary financial assistance for those hurting the most right now has, so far, brought in only a ...

Cousin of Alyssa Alhadeff Hosts Make Our Schools Safe Benefit Run

PARKLAND, FL- Make Our Schools Safe is hosting a virtual run next month to encourage a healthy lifestyle and support school safety. 'Run for School Safety' is a virtual run or walk taking place June 27-28, 2020. Participants can run or walk 1 mile, 5K or 10K any time the last weekend in June. All proceeds of the race will go to Make Our Schools Safe.

The race was started in ...

Wonder Paws Rescue Making a Difference in Parkland and Coral Springs

CORAL SPRINGS, FL- People in Parkland, Coral Springs and surrounding cities have teamed up to help rescue animals through Wonder Paws Rescue.

The nonprofit animal rescue was founded with the purpose of helping families with animals in crisis and animals in need of rescue. According to the website, "Wonder Paws Rescue will provide temporary housing, medical care and ...

Coral Springs Gyms Reopen To Patrons Ready To Sweat

May 26, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Joi Guarino was ready to lift, lung and sweat.

Tuesday was the first day gyms and fitness studios could re-open in Broward County since the coronavirus shutdown, and Guarino wasted no time to sign up for a private lesson at Spin City Indoor Cycle & Fitness in Coral Springs.

“I’ve missed it,” said Guarino, of Parkland, who has done ...

Unemployment in Coral Springs Climbs To More Than 14 Percent

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Coral Springs’ official unemployment rate reached 14.6 percent in April – up from 4.1 percent in March – showing the drastic economic toll of the coronavirus pandemic.

In all, 9,754 people were unemployed in Coral Springs out of 67,003 in the labor force in April, which is the latest data from Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

In ...

See A Business Not Complying With Coronavirus Orders in Coral Springs? File A Complaint.

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – If you see a business in Coral Springs failing to comply with coronavirus emergency orders, you now have a place to submit an online complaint.

The city government has created an online portal for residents to fill out a form and explain the potential violation, such as employees not wearing masks or stores being crowded with more than the allowed 50 percent ...

Curfew For Coral Springs and Broward County Extended Into Tuesday

June 1, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – A second night of a Broward County curfew will go into effect on Monday at 9 pm and end on Tuesday at 6 am as fears grew locally and across the nation over violent protests following the death of George Floyd.

During the curfew, Coral Springs residents must remain home until the curfew is no longer in force, but they are allowed to travel directly to and from their ...

Broward County Issues Curfew In Wake of Rioting Over Death of George Floyd

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – In the wake of recent rioting over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Broward County issued a state of emergency on Sunday evening and a countywide curfew from 9 pm to 6 am on Monday.

The hastily-issued curfew, which impacts Coral Springs and all other cities, caught many residents off-guard. It prohibits anyone, other than emergency officials, to be on the ...

Message From Coral Springs Police Chief On Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Like all of you, I was shocked by the video I saw of the Minneapolis Police officer’s actions in the death of George Floyd. I don’t know all the facts and circumstances surrounding this incident. What I do know is that an officer was kneeling on the neck of a handicapped suspect for a prolonged period of time. Mr. Floyd was heard begging the officer to get off his ...

Coral Springs Organized Teen Political Forum Postponed Due to Protests

June 1, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Coral Springs organizers of the 14th Annual Teen Political Forum planned virtually on Monday evening have postponed the event due to the protests related to the death of George Floyd.

In explaining the decision to postpone, city government officials said on the city website:

“These are trying times in our nation and in our community. The right to protest ...

Broward County Commissioner Michael Udine: Coronavirus, Hurricane Season, and Graduations

PARKLAND, FL- The enduring strength of our community has been demonstrated through an unimaginable disruption; the COVID-19 pandemic. Drive by birthday parades, setting up distance play dates for the kids, or Facetiming and Zooming to keep in touch has become the norm. We continue to learn how to “socially” reinvent ourselves and the way we traditionally interact.  So just ...

Coral Springs City Commission June Message: Protests, Coronavirus, Graduations, and More

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - We recognize this year has been difficult for our nation, state and city. We continue to navigate the impacts COVID-19 has had on our community work to further prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

Our nation also bore witness to unspeakable police brutality, which resulted in the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. As a result of this brutality, the nation ...

Broward Schools Superintendent on Policing, Race, and Equity

June 1, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Issues of policing, race and equity are at the forefront of our national news and community dialogue.

During the last few weeks of our current COVID-19 pandemic, we have been outraged at what the entire world has witnessed repeatedly on televised news cycles and social media outlets, resulting in stress and trauma for so many of our students, teachers, parents and community ...

Air Force JROTC Unit at Coral Springs High School Honored With Merit Award

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Coral Springs High School Air Force JROTC Unit is being honored with the 2019/20 U.S. Airforce JROTC Distinguished Unit with Merit Award, Broward County Public Schools announced this week.

There are 890 Air Force JROTC units in high schools across the United States and at selected schools in Europe, the Pacific and Puerto Rico. Coral Springs High is one of 79 ...

New Contract Approved For City Charter School Management Company

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – For 21 years, the City of Coral Springs Charter School has been operated by Charter Schools USA and supported by the city government.  

Through most of those years, the school has maintained an A-rating as it educated close to 1,700 middle and high school students, many of whom live in Coral Springs and have parents working for the city government or serving in ...

Coral Springs Museum of Art Faces Budget Shortfall, Considers Staff Reduction

May 26, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Museums across the world are suffering financial losses from shutdowns related to the coronavirus, leading to furloughs, layoffs, and indefinite closings.  

Coral Springs Museum of Art isn’t spared from similar hardships.

Facing a $140,800 budgetary deficit, the museum is considering cutting staff and reducing gallery hours when it re-opens, according to ...

"Parkland Rising" Documentary Set to Premiere on June 2

PARKLAND, FL- "Parkland Rising," a documentary that follows the lives of Parklanders in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas tragedy, has announced that it will premiere on June 2, 2020. The date coincides with National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Day.

"Parkland Rising" is directed and produced by two-time Emmy Award winner Cheryl Horner McDonough and ...

Blue Angels Brought Cheers in Flight Over Coral Springs and Parkland

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – The U.S. Navy Blue Angels darted across the sky over Coral Springs and Parkland on Friday, as onlookers cheered and clicked their cameras to catch a glimpse of the six F/A-18 Hornet aircrafts making their pursuit over South Florida in honor of front-time workers during the coronavirus.

At Broward Health Coral Springs, dozens of healthcare workers dressed in scrubs ...

Coral Springs Parks Get Renovated During Pandemic

May 22, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – In recent weeks, as Coral Springs parks were closed to the public due to the pandemic, they were open to city crews who used the time to make big and small renovations to the facilities and fields.

Those improvements included:

- Veteran’s Parks (8601 Royal Palm Blvd): painting the monument area.

- Mullins Park (10000 Ben Geiger Dr.): removing plants at the ...

ER Doctor Got Coronavirus, Recovered and Returned To Hospital

PARKLAND, FL- The pandemic has swept through medical ranks across the globe. But while the coronavirus hasn’t sickened as many doctors, nurses and other staff at hospitals and clinics in Broward County as compared to places like New York City, it has infected some workers and caused fear in their homes – including Dr. Ian Russinoff, an emergency room physician.

At the start of the ...

Expect Rough Weather in Coral Springs on Friday

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Expect wet and windy conditions in Coral Springs on Friday as stormy weather moves through the region.

The National Hurricane Center is expecting the first storm of hurricane season to form Saturday somewhere in the Bahamas, bringing with it the possibility of tropical-force gusts to Broward County.

Arthur would be the name of the subtropical or tropical ...

Coral Springs Protest Organizers: “We Wanted Our City To Have A Voice

June 1, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Organizers of a planned protest set for Tuesday afternoon in downtown Coral Springs are young people from Coral Springs who are first-generation Americans from Pakistan, with one clear goal: inspiring all ages to stand up to injustice.

Mahek Manjiani, 19, and Shayan Shivji, 17, said they are envisioning a peaceful event at the intersection of University Drive and ...

Coral Springs Police Chief: City Prepared For Protests

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – After social media provocateurs threatened to bring masses to Coral Springs and create havoc in the streets, the Coral Springs police chief responded Monday that his department is prepared to keep the city safe in the wake of protests sweeping the nation following the death of George Floyd.

In addition, Chief Clyde Parry said in a statement he supports the rights of ...

Coral Springs Mayor: We Should Allow Peaceful Protests

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Someone asked me if we would allow a peaceful protest in honor of George Floyd in Coral Springs. OF COURSE we should and would.

What happened to Mr. Floyd is reprehensible and horrific. No young black man should be afraid to jog. No young black Woman should be afraid to drive. No black person should be afraid that the color of their skin will determine how law enforcement ...

Coral Springs Looks To Replace Basketball Courts And End Fighting and Drug Use

May 28, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Neighbors were upset about shouting and cursing. Children were scared of the fighting. And walkers didn’t care for marijuana smoking.

For more than three years, complaints have stacked up about the conduct of basketball players at Cypress Park at 1301 Coral Springs Drive, Coral Springs officials said.

This week, the city government presented a solution: ...

Florida Panthers IceDen in Coral Springs Is Reopening For Lessons, For Now

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Good news for Coral Springs hockey fans – Florida Panthers IceDen is reopening with coronavirus limitations.

There’s no return to leagues or tournaments just yet, but lots of opportunities to get private lessons, according to a letter from the facility to patrons.

Private figure skating and private hockey lessons are being offered at the facility at ...

Coral Springs Appoints New Head of Parks and Recreation

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – Robert Hunter is now officially Coral Springs’ director of parks and recreation.

Hunter joined the city in 2018 to serve as assistant director of parks and recreation and became interim director in February.

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced the closure of city parks, Hunter’s department has worked to improve the aesthetics of the park grounds and ...

TAP Into Another Town's News:

TAP Into Another Town's News:

Mortgage Relief: Get The Facts And Know Your Options

With unemployment on the rise, homeowners/borrowers are seeking options that will lighten their monthly financial obligations. Part of the stimulus CARES Act provides for such relief from mortgage loan obligations by delaying payments. 

Sounds good, right? Except for it can get tricky, so you need to make sure you know what's involved. I, for one, called my lender for information in ...

Make A Tee Online is Creating Merchandise Stores for Artists

June 1, 2020

We have a FanTEEstic Opportunity for Artists and Designers!

MakeATeeOnline is looking to add you to our Artist Alley.

We create your own Merch store, add you to our Mothership and Blast Your Brand All Over the Universe.

We take care of the website, do the printing, shipping and even offer creative marketing ideas for you to promote your art.

Give us a call at 954-753-7287 or ...

MakeATeeOnline Works With Run for School Safety

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Can you believe it is the last weekend in May already? Getting our bodies active again may require an extra push.

We have a wonderful cause to get you going and for you to make that happen!

Run For School Safety! A Run for Make Our Schools Safe. Lori and Ilan Alhadeff have the support from Alyssa's cousin Jadyn Turner who organized the event.

Sign up by ...

Free Online Course - Discover How Happiness Thinks

Everyone wants to be happy. It’s considered one of our “inalienable rights”. 

Yet, “being happy” has never been as important as it is now. The whole world is trembling and we are living with constant fear of a virus, and we have a much more limited exposure to external stimulation and interaction with others. 

The ability to "think ...

Congratulate Your Graduate with Milestones on TAPinto

Graduation season is upon us and that means celebrating your graduate’s accomplishments and honors.  TAPinto Milestones gives you an easy and affordable way to honor your graduate.  You can submit a note of congratulations, highlight achievements and submit photos.  Your Milestone post will be posted on the TAPinto site of your choosing and stay there forever.  ...

Power Up Your Content Marketing on TAPinto

TAPinto is rolling out a new content marketing feature as a part of our participation in The Branded Content Project -- a partnership between the Facebook Journalism Project, the Local Media Association and the Local Media Consortium. The new feature will enable businesses, nonprofits and others who purchase guaranteed publication of a press release, real estate listing, event listing, milestone, ...

Coral Springs Announces Business Excellence Award Winners 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL –  The City of Coral Springs is celebrating Economic Development Week in honor of businesses located within the municipal boundaries that represent a commitment to the financial vitality of the city by awarding them with the Business Excellence Awards 2020.
“Our City’s growth reflects exceptional businesses impacting our community. We are a ...

Coral Springs Woodworker Creates 7,680-Piece Mosaic Portrait of His Daughter

May 16, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL - John Parilla had the idea for a long time.

The Coral Springs woodworker wanted to make a mosaic portrait of his 1-year-old daughter Nora – using wood, of course – as a gift to his wife.

And so, the 30-year-old spent more than 18 hours in his garage workshop collecting, cutting away, and placing each piece on a wood canvas.

In all, it took close to 7,680 ...

Rabbi Yossie Denburg Has Led Chabad of Coral Springs For Nearly 35 Years

May 26, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – As a teenager growing up in Montreal, Rabbi Yossie Denburg remembers his parents encouraging him to be a lawyer, doctor, or accountant.

They were refugees of communist Russia who wanted their children to succeed in the free world.

But the ambitious young man had other plans for his professional life.

He felt a strong connection to his Jewish faith and roots ...

Ray Carballo: Longtime Coral Springs Resident Determined To Make A Difference

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – If you want to make positive changes in a community, it helps to live there for 29 years.

Ray Carballo knows this well.

The business services director at Blue Stream Fiber has lived most of his adult life in Coral Springs and has worked with his company to assist local businesses in need.

“I’ve been here a long time and remember when ...

General Manager of Coral Springs Theater Expects Shows To Go On After Coronavirus

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – When he first sat at Coral Springs Center for the Arts, Bill Haggett saw a new potential in the 1,500-seat auditorium.

It was the summer of 2016, and the long-time entertainment producer was about to become the center’s new general manager.

“There was not one bad seat in the house and I thought I could have a big impact here,” he ...

Coral Springs Resident Rides 1,000 Miles To Inspire Others

May 24, 2020

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – When the coronavirus shutdown happened, David Frankel wanted to create a positive change.

“I declared that I would ride my bicycle every day because I would not have that opportunity again,” said Frankel, an independent office furniture dealer from Coral Springs.

And so, starting in early March, the 62-year-old hit the road. He went on daily morning ...