CORAL SPRINGS, FL - Someone asked me if we would allow a peaceful protest in honor of George Floyd in Coral Springs. OF COURSE we should and would.

What happened to Mr. Floyd is reprehensible and horrific. No young black man should be afraid to jog. No young black Woman should be afraid to drive. No black person should be afraid that the color of their skin will determine how law enforcement interacts with them. I get the anger.

I grew up in a yeshiva in Washington Heights and I could not bare to watch any movie about the Holocaust until I was in my 20’s. When I watched Roots as a boy, I always thought I was lucky not to be alive back then because my anger at what was done to the man portrayed by Levar Burton and his family would have certainly led me to my death.

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However, I do not have the fear of being judged by the color of my skin.

I find the violence in response to the tragedy that has befallen Mr. Floyd and his family is disrespectful to the memory of Mr. Floyd. But the protestors who do not contribute to that violence MUST be allowed their free speech!

While many of us do not make judgments based on skin color, there are enough that do that we must change the dialogue. I will be hosting that dialogue this week. And again next week. While the meeting might be virtual, as our Commission meetings have been since March 16, it will still give us the opportunity to have the dialogue that is so needed throughout our country.

God Bless your memory George Floyd. My heart breaks for your family.

I will be with the protestors tomorrow.

Scott Brook is mayor of Coral Springs.

A peaceful protest is planned for Tuesday, 2-4 pm, across from Starbucks on University Drive and West Sample Road in Coral Springs.