CORAL SPRINGS, FL - The very little good news on gun control comes from David Hogg this third anniversary of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootings.

I pass the school frequently on the highway. How deceptive things can look from a distance. They can look normal. Nothing at MSD is normal or probably ever will be again.

I rail about the stupidity of Americans in not following the Covid-19 directions. I just don’t get it. About 30 years ago there was an African tragedy in Rwanda. The UN took no action. When asked why, Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Gali said he thought the members were tragedy-ed out. Too tired to deal with yet another crisis. While more complicated than a famine or Covid-19 because of the gun lobby, people seem immune to lasting shock over shootings. Maybe because there are so many of them.

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I’ll catch hell for this, but who in their right mind thinks the average Joe should own military assault rifles? In part the answer is people ignorant of the Constitution and the context of what it means about militias, or people who have never fired one. I have. It is stunning how many bullets can come through a muzzle of a gun in mere seconds. If you are curious, for an AK-47, it’s 600 bullets per minute! For the AR-15, which police carry, it is a mere 3 bullets per second or a paltry 240 per minute. So the bad guys use the “good” guns and the “good guys” get the bad ones, even though an AR-15 isn’t a gun you’d want on the streets in a bad guy’s hands.

Then there are the people who have never seen a body after it has been hit by one or more rounds from one. They are designed not merely to kill but to tear to shreds what they are attempting to kill. A wound from one can change one’s life if one survives it. And yet these dummies persist. In darker moments I think the country as a whole would have been better off if one of the insurgents had shot someone in the U.S. Capitol with an assault rifle. Then maybe the Senators would get it that it could have been them.

It is mortifying as an American to see how little the lasting impact of death by gun is, even when the dead are children, the future of our nation. The other side says take the guns and only criminals will have them. Nonsense. But aren’t there already enough criminals that do have them?

Is anyone aware that gun sales spike, as they did after January 6th insurrection, every time there is a mass shooting? Many of these events show us that just having an assault weapon, or a high-capacity magazine, or a bump stock, can turn someone into a criminal when, if they didn’t have it, they couldn’t have become one. I think this hiding behind “freedom” is hooey. The “what’s rotten in this Denmark” is the NRA, which turns out to be such as corrupt organization that only further corruption can keep it safe from being shut down.

But back to David Hogg. Kudos to him for recognizing that it’s the pocketbook that is the most vulnerable spot to it. When the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) began using civil suits against racist perpetrators, they almost put the KKK’s of the country out of business. May the Lord above whisper in all our ears to buy his pillows, whether or not they are needed. Mr. “My Pillow” is a raving lunatic. You don’t have to be a Democrat to see that. How can anyone with a conscience sleep on one of his pillows?

So, to Mr. Hogg, I say a hearty: “you go, guy!” Hopefully other entrepreneurs will take your example and, as the SPLC’s Morris Dees did, and hit’em where it hurts, the pocketbook.


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