CORAL SPRINGS, FL. - About four years ago we started getting printing orders from Jerry Ward for his fitness and nutrition company Bios 3 Training.

Every few months an order came in with logo and wording for his company. Typical orders and a happy customer, or so we thought.

But, last month, we got an order in from him and after Sarah downloaded his order, she said, Jerry Ward placed a really unusual order. She printed it and had it hanging ready for packaging. When I walked past and saw it, I was really surprised.

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It said :"This is Jerry's order? OMG, is this for real?" What is going on?" They were sayings such as...My Mother has Stage 4 Cancer, I'm A Recovering Heroin Addict, My Mother Died When I Was 10 Years Old, etc...

It was very deep and very hard to read these messages. We sent him his shirts. A couple of weeks went by, and we got a phone call from Jerry. He told me that people were asking how to get those shirts. I was a bit surprised and said pretty calmly: Jerry, can you tell me about this, what is going on? 

He said that he and his business partner, Kevin Levrone, a professional bodybuilder and Mr. Olympia, decided they wanted an ability to express themselves about what they are going through.

Wouldn't it be great for someone to have some insight on who and what you are all about? People are having a really rough time now and depression is a big topic. If someone knew you were struggling they may be kinder and more compassionate.

This is how Goin Through It was born. 

Maybe you have a message, maybe you have something and it's not easy to talk about. How powerful is a message that someone can instantly see...

Congrats to Jerry and Kevin for this meaningful endeavor. We will support their cause and spread their message.

Check out his website here: